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Meyer Welding and Fabricating

Antique & Wrought Iron Shop

I have known Ken and Sue for years, yet I am still amazed every time I visit their shop in Grant, PA. Ken is a true artisan and craftsman in wrought iron. Sue and Ken design all of the plaques and silhouettes in their shop. I am so very lucky to know two such talented individuals. I have items which we purchased from them in the past in my home and plan on purchasing many more for MacDarvey Castle on Winslow Hill in the future.
Marcy Manning

We always came to Benezette to enjoy the beauty of the area and the wild elk herd. Now we have another reason to come to Benezette, PA. We love to stop at Grants Pass Antiques and Wrought Iron shop. There are always new items at the shop. We also love to look for the unique gates that Ken designs while we are in the area.
Katie Wilson

Owning Manning Custom Lodges in Driftwood, I build many summer homes and lodges for people in the area. Whenever anyone needs metal work done I always recommend Ken Meyer. His gates and railings always add the perfect finishing touch to the homes I have built.
                                                                Dave Manning
                                                                Manning Custom Lodges

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